• Laphog

    trois de bras!

  • paleasash

    That is not a sex organ, it is a FIFTH LIMB!!! O_O

    • http://www.queerclick.com Editor D

      And check out those foreskin folds and creases!

      • http://yahoo.com/ Darkhog

        Oh! I did, magnificent!

    • Laphog


  • DaveSean

    no ma’am.. not in my ass! pretty to look at tho!

    • http://www.queerclick.com Editor D

      My sphincter gasped in fear when I saw that.

      • Laphog


  • m


  • matt73

    Is that for REAL?!

  • http://yahoo.com/ Darkhog

    Herman’s Monster Cock is on the rise!

    • Laphog


  • ScottyP.

    I want to see it rock hard. I bet he blacks out from shortage of bllod to his brain…

  • gr8tocu2

    Impressive to look at but I’ll bet he never gets a REAL hard-on and of course, NO ONE could take it if he did. Kinda sad.

    • http://www.queerclick.com Editor D

      Perhaps it’s time for a new term – HARD OFF.

  • sethjj1975

    Agreed. It turned my stomach a little.

  • seanetic

    I bet he never gets fully hard.

  • DarthKitsune

    This guy needs to make a mould of his schlong and sell that dildo, NOW.

  • hotdde

    omg :0 wanna play with that guy

  • tgcdfreak

    looks good to me where is he from ?

  • pharaoh11463

    …And that’s why I prefer cut cock. I don’t like seeing that wrinkled mess of skin around the head of his cock Yuck!

  • Kazza Kay

    Holy shit. That is scary…but impressive.

  • Sterling Reitz

    I would ravage that long luscious shaft. He could

    slide it in me anytime and for as long as he wanted. I love a well hung men.

  • danandmichael

    more than a mouthful is too much

  • danandmichael

    look really close I believe it to be fake there is a line where the prostatic (SP) attatches right at the base of the penis

  • cocksucker52

    I think this is a beautiful cock I would suck it all day


    That is one HOT AMAZING COCK

  • tree

    i like