• http://www.queerclick.com gmt

    He has framed photos of Kathryn Janeway and Deanna Troi, I like him already. :)

    • http://www.queerclick.com Editor D

      You’re such a nerd, G!

      • http://www.queerclick.com gmt

        Guilty as charged! *red face*

        PS: We need a follow up pic of this gentleman but pictured from behind. I suspect that, with those thighs, his must have a cute butt. ;-)

    • hhjthesagg

      who r they? LOL i never heard of ‘em

  • qlm

    hopefully not much of a grower, perfect as he he is.

    • http://www.queerclick.com Editor D

      There are always appreciators of all things small. :)

      • dsr_nyc

        I think it’s good to appreciate the things that can’t be changed, and let’s face it, everything about that picture is perfect.

        • http://www.queerclick.com Editor D

          Wow, a new comment after 9 months! :))

  • ShaunnyBoy

    Oh no honey…

    • Whatsthathumming

      The world is mean enough, why put a stranger down? Also he is perfect.

      • poloblu209

        True, maybe he’s a grower! I’d take it either way… he’s cute!

      • ShaunnyBoy

        Very true, I’m an asshole. He’s very handsome. I wasn’t trying to be mean, however that’s no excuse.

  • timmy

    Whoever this is, please contact me. We could make each other happy! Eternally. Plus, I really wanna go through that huge collection of media behind you (with you).

  • seanetic

    He’s hot and totally a grower. Even if he’s not i bet the booty is magic.

  • adi2010

    Yup. Nice butt.

    • http://www.queerclick.com gmt

      Wow! Thanks for the butt pic!!!

      • http://www.queerclick.com Editor D

        Don’t you love our readers?

        • http://www.queerclick.com gmt

          I do! :)

    • MarcoBJ

      He should bottom! Top is not an option!

    • http://www.queerclick.com Editor D

      THanks @362a86c9a0776e47bd712b99cda0684c:disqus for the succulent pix.

    • https://www.facebook.com/luis.decairo Friedrich Sisbert

      A nice and tight ass.

  • paleasash

    Big ones are fun- but not everything. He’d get the same chance as any other guy.

  • Laphog

    I’d do him he is hot!

  • Stevencs

    He is hot anyway you wanna look at him, grower or not. The geek factor is a plus. Looks aside, the media collection pretty much wants me to pop the question, and then, he is hot as hell to top it all off.

  • gregorio

    He is just beautiful. Hope is not much of a grower.

  • Bitter

    Not for a size queen like Me,but definitely adorable as a Bottom!

  • macguffin54

    And he’s a Buffy fan!

  • piesang

    He has a really hot body. Who cares about the size of his penis?

  • http://yahoo.com/ Darkhog

    He’s definitely got something!

  • Odetofear

    1. everything about him is amazing,physically.
    2. If that’s his place, the neatness is a big fucking turn on.
    3. The extensive DVD collections, where I can make out Family guy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Seinfeld. Good sense of humor.
    4. He has a cat
    5. Despite the photo might seem as if he lacks them, the dude has HUGE balls (of confidence) to be like, “yeah i got a small dick, so what? Here’s a naked pic of me!”

    The dude’s amazing!

  • GDHJ

    Body like that… That square jaw… I’m sold.

  • richboy81

    sexy dude! i appreciate his confidence

  • blaque

    I don’t care about the size of his dick, he’s hott!!!!

  • DarthKitsune

    we would have one hell of a good time! AND he’s a cat person! Sexy, geeky, confident, and a cat person. . .Let’s get married.

  • Russ

    He’s hot, where do I get to see more of him at?

  • cantake8

    Great body, photogenic cat, organized media and so fucking handsome. Let’s make some FUN!

  • lamsam56

    He is very cute like they say it’s not what you got it’s how you use it !!!

  • MarstRN

    For me, it’s never been about the size of the cock. I’ve had fun with different kinds of guys and if I’m attracted to someone, cock size doesn’t matter. It’s the whole person for me and the person in the above photo is very attractive to me.

  • Bill Steffenhagen

    He’s adorable. I would LOVE to love him.

  • adi2010

    Found some of his other pics. Enjoy!

  • Jorge Gòmez Geho

    He es cute!

  • Dick_Swallower

    handsome, awesome body, killer ass. What more could you ask for? I used to date a guy who was about 4in long and the thickness of a highlighter. He was the best sex ever!

  • Tim Creekmore

    He is a hot man. Great muscles and nice face. Beautiful ass.

  • ted

    Very nice body and cute face. I’d date him

  • sticky roy

    I think he is hot in every way, besides I have never seen a dick I didn’t like. The person is another story, but all penises are wonderful.
    I am pretty sure I would like him in many ways. I hope he is a top.