Exposed: Luke Evans On Cam4!!

Actor Luke Evans put on a little drunken little show on popular gay video chat site Cam4. He logged on under the username of “stupidactor” (Famous Boy Drunk) and proceeded to flaunt his goods to the crowd before stripping down to his underpants. More screenshots after the jump.

luke+evans+cam4+2 luke+evans+cam4+3

What’s interesting is looking at the chat log, he knew this was probably a bad idea. The British theatre and film actor from Wales punctuated his chat with “all know who i am?”, “like famous boys?” and “my career over?” Maybe he was feeling a tad self-destructive that night. Not sure how long he stayed on Cam4, and how far the chat went. Look out for Luke Evans in the second installment of “The Hobbit.”

Author: Editor D Queer Chief of QueerClick // Founder of Sticky // Rainbow Unicorn
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