The 15 Weirdest And Craziest Moments From Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance

1. When she came out and straddled this giant robot bear

2. When she crawled down the stairs with her tongue out

3. When she played with her invisible hair

4. When dozens of lonely looking bears danced on stage

5. And Miley did her first twerk move

6. Then motorboated this woman’s butt and slapped it

7. And Drake was totally into it

8. When she ripped off her clothes and got rid of her bear onesie

9. Then walked around in this outfit

10. And touched herself with this giant foam hand

11. Then did this move

12. And this one

13. When she got all up in Robin Thicke and nuzzled his neck

14. Then did THIS

15. And everyone was like this

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Author: rick
  • Papi

    Only Miley could make twerking and a bikini so unappealing.

    • Darkhog

      Poor thing, she tries so hard.

      • Laphog

        Made me ill!

        • Darkhog

          Ah come on, you’re a man of the world, you’ve seen worst.

  • Darkhog

    Well didn’t she warn us that she couldn’t be tamed?

    • MarcoBJ

      Apparently, she did! lol

  • Questionary

    . I don’t see the big deal her fans and detractors are making about her performance. To me, it was just a performance.

    • DayiaKnyte

      And some people throw feces on canvas; but I’m not going to call it art.

      • Laphog

        LOL! Damn, you are so right!

    • Darkhog

      Well you know how we like the shock value that we make up in our heads, then continue to talk about the negative until we’re all talking about it, and laughing, and finding every little thing bad about a person. Well Hannah Montana was for kids, I’m an adult, Miley’s still a kid in my book, and as it should be, finding her way as I am still finding mine. As long as we live, we will continue to find our way, but let’s not keep harboring on what was yesterday or we will miss what’s important. US!

  • Odetofear

    That announcer made fun of her tongue hanging out, how could she still continue to do it? At first, i thought, oh how funny she’s playing along, then i was like, hold on she really is sticking her tongue out on purpose and not a joke.

    Most of the performance wasn’t that bad, twerking in front of Thicke, her facial expressions, the foam finger play and the beginning where she wasn’t singing but trying to hype up the audience. Those were the things that pushed it from being a surprising performance to a desperate one. I know all these girls want to have thier Britney moment where they shed their girl image for one of a sex powered woman. But why be vulgar? Which is what i think it was. Vulgar for the sake of being so. Not very artistic. IMO.

    • Darkhog

      Well I for one think the girl is trying to hard to find herself, from girl to woman, and all she had to do is look in the mirror, sings some good songs to break away from Hannah Montana, but as most Disney characters, they are the stars, become popular as kids, and can’t make the transfer to adulthood without problems and rehab first.

  • Sethjj1975

    I’ve never cared for her but now I’m just embarrassed for her.

    • Laphog

      I’d rather watch her daddy do the same routine.

    • Darkhog

      Coming down those stairs, she look like she got on a pair of adult diapers.

  • Laphog

    Made me throw up in my mouth.

    • Darkhog

      I hope you get well soon…. Twerk it Miley!!! lol

  • Laphog

    You are correct!