• Papi

    My faves are those where he’s smiling and just hanging out: he looks more natural and approachable. Great sexy series.

  • EnigmaCC

    If Alex were to be ‘gay/bi’; I would hope a guy who compliments him in same style of personality would be the one to catch his eye. Other wise, it would be great to be his friend. I think he is a guy that doesn’t judge another person on how they live their life; as long as they don’t harm another person or themselves.
    Keep those Alex Minsky photos posting; he is a hottie to look at!!!

  • Peter

    What a horrible shame that he fell into a vat of acidic ink that forever ruined his looks. A terrible waste of skin.

    • http://www.queerclick.com Editor D

      I think he looks great with all that ink. Seen a photo of him plain vanilla before he got all the tats and he looked rather non-descript. Have you seen the funny one underneath his armpits?

      • http://yahoo.com/ Darkhog

        What I love about the body of man, and the psychic of what a man’s think, is looking at him, can excite you, but tattoos tell a story, what he’s saying that can’t be seen on skin, what’s on the inside, his mind’s eye. It’s excites me that he is bold enough to wear his thoughts on the outside, to really know what’s he was thinking or feeling at the time that he was brave enough to show who he is.

  • http://yahoo.com/ Darkhog

    Thank you, prize well recieved. :-)