Exposed: GNC Store Sales Guy Tom

Sales guy at GNC store exposes himself between rows and rows of supplements. All that horny goatweed must be working.

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Author: Editor D Queer Chief of QueerClick // Founder of Sticky // Rainbow Unicorn
  • Darkhog

    Wish he was in my store when I pick up my protein. ; )

  • nettsu

    He needs better fitting clothes…

    • Felix Darknite

      Right because that’s his main concern at this job…

  • EnigmaCC

    I’m guessing that he doesn’t have the GNC job any more; after this ‘exposer’ by the way; great ass!

  • rychardt

    love to have his special protein any day

  • Muhamed Muha

    ok boy hot

  • sarah★☆


  • lvsrawcock

    I would love to have a daily dose of his personal protein

  • DarthKitsune

    Muy Caliente!

  • DarthKitsune

    I need to meet this guy so he can meat me.

  • Tommie Williams

    great cock shot and the other pictures at home are awsome

  • wncmh

    which store does he work at

  • Odetofear

    you don’t take an ass pic like that unless you want it stuffed with dick.

  • Lance

    Ha ha He has worked at my store in the Pittsburgh area… Dam dam, this is awesome

    • Editor D


    • Notfromhereyetanywhere Notfrom


  • JW

    Wouldn’t mind taking his protein as a supplement

  • AlwaysHorny

    I would blow him right in the store when the store was open. Would be so hot.

  • 1234sexy


  • curioso

    Wow very hot, sex oral public

  • sticky roy

    I hope he still has his job at GNC, this is the first proof I have witnessed of anything causing actual growth in that store. I wouldn’t mind a piece of this salesman. Pretty Ass and Cock. Well would you look at that, mine is growing too. I am going to get me some vitamins, thank you Tom.

  • hhjthesagg

    nice bunz!

  • i take pics 666

    there r much hotter pics and video of him