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Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy

1. This document sets out our complaints policy, if you are a user of Sticky, this Complaints Policy forms part of your agreement with us.

2. Sticky is operated by QueerClick and can be contacted at Sticky and at QueerClick contact help center here or at complaints@queerclick.com

3. This Complaints Policy, and its defined terms are also given in Sticky Terms & Privacy for all users, and permits the reporting of content that may be illegal or otherwise violates the standards in our Terms.

4. This Complaints Policy can be used by Sticky members, non-members or anyone to alert us of any complaint which they have related to Sticky.

5. To make a complaint, regarding Sticky including any complaint about content appearing on Sticky or the conduct of a Sticky member and user, please use the contact form at Sticky here or send your complaint with full details to complaints@queerclick.com. You must include your name, address, contact details, a description of your complaint and, if your complaint relates to content, the URL for the content to which your complaint relates.

6. Following receipt of your complaint we will acknowledge all such reported complaints, review and resolve the complaint within seven working business days. We shall take appropriate steps to investigate your complaint raised as to whether it is unlawful or otherwise breaches our acceptable use (as outlined in our Terms) and notify you of our results.

7. The user has the right to appeal to any decisions made during the Complaints Procedure and they may include any further information or documents to support their claim. Every right to appeal will be investigated and resolved within an appropriate and timely manner.

8. All complaints will be taken and treated seriously and in good faith and that such complaints and reporting actions have been undertaken legally and without malice or abuse.

9. Once the complaint has been resolved, if it is with regards to content appearing on Sticky that violates our Terms and is considered unlawful, or breaches our conditions, then we will act quickly to remove such content.

10. Unjustified or abusive complaints: If you are a Sticky member and user of Sticky, you warrant (which means you make a legally enforceable promise) that you will not make any complaint under this Complaints Policy which is wholly unjustified, abusive, or made in bad faith. If we determine that you have breached this warranty, we may suspend or terminate your Sticky members user account.
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