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Sticky Button

Sticky lets you organize and share all the sexy, shiny things (or homosapiens) you find on the web. There are so many different things you can pin to a Sticky Board. You can directly pin an image that is already on your computer. Or, if you come across something which catches your fancy which you would like to pin to Sticky whilst perusing the Interwebs, you can do so directly from that very webpage! How? By using our Sticky Button!

Meet The Sticky Button.

Drag me to your Bookmarks Bar!

You see the big red sexy Sticky Button above? All you need to do is to drag it to your browser toolbar. Next time you see something you wanna pin, just click on that button (which will already be on your toolbar) and it will bring up all the pin-able images from that webpage. Choose the image you wanna pin and add it to any Sticky Board of your choice. Easy peasey!

Please take note that although we think the most of this Sticky Button, there will be occasions and webpages which it wouldn't work, depending on how a webpage is coded, and how its images are being served.

Have fun and get Sticky with it!

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