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What is Sticky?

The 10-Second Description.

Welcome to Sticky! QueerClick's answer/toy for round-the-clock amusement and fun on the web. Think of it as an interactive Notice Board + Digg + Blog + Tumblr + Gallery + Social Network. A constantly updated and endless stream with the hottest gems.

The 3-Second Description.

Sticky is the gay Pinterest before Pinterest existed (they probably took a leaf from us).

Got More Time? Read On.

Sticky is like a virtual candy store chock-full of pics, videos, and pages you’ll love! Sample our favourites or share your own. Just stick a link to your favourite pop songs, political posts, paparazzi pics, porn, potluck recipes, whatever, and viola — it's instantly Sticky!

Sticky is a fun, easy way to find tasty web bits and share even more! Publicly display your own finds, share favourites from other people’s boards or create a secret stash with your own private board. It is a communal space where everyone hangs out, contributes, shares and goes mad with post-its.

The more you use Sticky, the sweeter it becomes. Earn points! Gain fans! Win prizes! Become the stickiest and your Stickies could end up at the top of the Sticky stack.

You can also sweeten your experience by upgrading to a Sticky Premium Membership for special access to restricted content and new ways to promote your extra special Stickies.

Whatever you’re stuck on, it’s perfect for Sticky.

Ways To Use Sticky.

  • Save and organise your favourite photos and videos online forever. Build up your own stash, follow like minded users, explore new fantasies.
  • Get 24/7 online access to your porn collection all nicely organised in one centralised place, no matter the source. No more cutting and pasting of URLs (seriously who has the time for that?), or having your favourites scattered all over.
  • Use Sticky to discover and enjoy all sorts of eye mandies, what's trending, and the latest porn. New content everyday, round-the-clock.
  • Get social and sticky with others. Share your candies with others who have similar tastes and preferences. Make enjoying all your loves a social experience.

Our Mission.

Our goal is to create one of the most robust and fun online destinations that's always-on. One where you can always rely on to find delights and treats to keep you entertained, engaged, and turned on. One where you can connect with like-minded peeps through sharing the good stuff in life. One where it's so sticky you'll find it hard to leave. Some addictions are totally worth your virtual calories!


What you are seeing is Sticky's fourth version. We first launched Sticky in 24 March 2007. Like we kinda trumpeted earlier, Sticky was the original Pinterest, before Pinterest came along. The first two versions of Sticky were very well received, not only with readers but with blog and site owners who were delighted with the kind of traffic they could get when a Sticky got approved. With Sticky 3.0 (launched 4 July 2013), we moved away from direct link-outs and experimented with medium formats, along with a new publishing platform. It is to become our shortest-lived version as the format didn't really take off, and our vision for it wasn't fully realised due to limitations of the publishing platform we had adopted. Almost a year into it, we started to hatch an evil plan (heh heh) to start working on a fourth version. We went back to the drawing sticky board, threw everything outta the window, and started from scratch. And this is the result of half a year's hard work. We sincerely hope you enjoy this version of Sticky as much as we did creating it.

What's Next?

How about pinning your first Sticky? There are several ways to pin stuff. The easiest way is to use the Stick-It Button. Drag the button below to your Bookmarks Bar to create the Stick-It Button so that is is always within reach. When you see something on any webpage which you'd like to pin on Sticky, all you need is to click the Stick-It Button (which should be on your Bookmarks Bar).

Drag me to your Bookmarks Bar!

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