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I would like to create an image for my own Sticky board. What are the dimensions of the header image?

The board banners we are using are 1600 x 280 pixels. As the layout for Sticky is responsive, it hides a portion of the images as the browser size decreases, as such it'll be best to have your visual focus right in the centre with parts of the image you wouldn't mind losing at the sides.

What are the dimensions of the profile cover image?

Images of any size can be uploaded but they will be auto-cropped to 986 x 281 pixels. There is currently no way to reposition the crop area (we will release this feature in our future builds so please bear with us in the meantime). But if you want a perfectly fitted image without being subjected to the system's random cropping mechanism, just create an image using the dimensions provided earlier.

I am not able to create a comment, "like", or repin a post. What's up?

Anyone can view Sticky without signing up for an account. However, user specific features such as "like", repin and commenting require an active user account. Please register for an account if you have not done so.

Remember, all members who upload content that complies with the Terms, Standards and Written Agreement.

How do you create a video post?

Sticky only allows direct video uploads to Premium members and who have signed the Written Agreement as Third Party Content Providers. All videos need to comply with our Terms and Standards including copyright ownership and permission to use

1. Direct URL Insertion (only works for YouTube, Vimeo, XTube videos)

You can "Add from a website" > Insert the video URL > The post will generate a cover image for the post automatically > Choose image > Add in text description for your post in text field > Publish

2. Using Embed Codes (for all tube sites, including YouTube, Vimeo and XTube)

For this method, you will use " Upload a pin" > Upload your own video cover image > Add in text description for your post in text field > Copy and paste the video embed codes into the same text field > Publish

How do I cancel my Sticky Premium recurring subscription?

You can do so here. We thank you for trying Sticky out and hope that you will return to the Sticky Premium family in the near future.

I do not own a credit card/my credit card will not be accepted by your payment processor. I really want to be a Premium Member. Do you accept PayPal?

Thank you for your interest. We understand that you may not have a credit card and depending on your location, some credit cards may not get approved by the billing system. We are pleased to offer an alternative payment option via Paypal. Please take note that memberships signed up through this option will require us to manually activate your account. Please allow up to 24 hours for your membership to be activated (but we'll try to do so as soon as possible so you can start enjoying your membership).

You can sign up for a Monthly membership via Paypal here.

You can sign up for an Annual membership via Paypal here.

How do I make a Complaint?

Sticky has a Complaints Procedure which you can access here

What is the Written Agreement?

The Written Agreement is explained here and shall be signed by all Sticky members

What is Sticky Solitaire?

Sticky Solitaire is a by-invitation VIP club for Sticky Premium members who have supported us regularly. It is our way of thanking our supporters who contribute to Sticky and so we can continue to keep the premium membership low for everyone else (server and bandwidth expenses are crazy). We remain super committed to our Sticky Premium Programming and are exploring ways to better the experience for all levels of supporters.

How can I get invited to Sticky Solitaire?

There are a few factors that affect membership (access to SSolitaire expires every 3 months and is renewable

1. The threshold

2. Number of VIP members at any point in time (we keep the numbers small so it's really exclusive)

3. Number of new items listed

4. Corresponding volume for the quarter.

In summary: being active for a quarter has to exceed the threshold the team has set. This threshold limit changes from quarter to quarter depending on the combined factors listed above.

We'll be issuing invitations at regular intervals to members who qualify and rewarding them. We are also currently looking into inviting loyal members who have been with us since we started. We'll keep everyone posted as we fine tune the VIP programme. As always, thank you for your continued support and for being gracious as we continue to build a respectful and vibrant Sticky community.

Any further questions?

Our support staff can be contacted here.

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